Tax Day Bad Day
we know the feeling.

Manage your deadlines effortlessly, Automatically set aside funds during the year, no more bad surprises..

Set your mind free

Imagine a service that helps you prepare for every tax deadline by automatically setting aside the right amount on each incoming invoice payment. Automatic, Simple and Fast: All of this is

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  1. Signup in 5 minutes

    Choose the deadlines you wish to monitor between VAT, Income Tax , Pension, etc

  2. Set funds aside automatically

    Synchronize your incoming payments and automatically set aside everything you Need to tackle your annual deadlines in a dedicated ewallet.

  3. Be ready

    10 days before the tax payment is due your account will receive the exact amount previously set aside in order to effortlessly come through with your deadline.

How it works ?
For Freelancers
For your fixed taxes
  1. Synchronize your account

    By analyzing your bank account movements, our system automatically recognizes all incoming revenues from your professional activity.

  2. Pre-set deadlines

    VAT, Income Tax, Pension are all calculated with specific rules. For each incoming invoice, the system automatically sets aside the required amount.

  3. Complete control

    During all phases of fund accumulation, you have direct access to your dashboard where you can easily and intuitively keep things under control.

  4. Receive your money!

    You will receive a notification of your upcoming deadline 10 days before payment is due. The system will then automatically transfer the required funds on your bank account. Pay stress free!

For example...

Do you have a Freelance VAT?


Grocery Carrefuor


Invoice #15 Payment - Zero s.r.l.


Bank Transfer - Family

For each incoming invoice...




the system automatically sets aside the correct VAT, Income Tax and Pension amount.
For each incoming invoice...
the system automatically sets aside the correct VAT, Income Tax and Pension amount.
Do you need to pay House Property Taxes?

Certain taxes only occasionally change one year to the next. For example, the taxes on House property. In these case you can easily set aside the correct amount by selecting the tax fee and listing the required amount you will have to pay. The system will set aside the funds for you until the upcoming deadline.

HOUSE TAX - €2.400


Deadline: December 2019

Developed in Collaboration

Taxes are an important topic, too important and that is why is developed in collaboration with Studio Corno.

Studio Corno was founded in 1948 in Lissone from an idea of Giacomo Corno, and immediately represents a landmark in the urban area of Monza and Brianza distinguishing itself for its seriousness and professionalism, to date counts customers at national and international level.

Over time, the Firm has developed an articulated and multi-purpose service offer, which includes four types of activities: accounting firm, consultancy and services for companies, law firm and training center

Easy, Peasy.

We strongly believe that when paying for a service, the best thing is to know exactly how much you’re going to spend for it with no unwelcome surprises or variations.



and you will have everything you need ready to go!

5 automatic fund savings a month completely free of charge, 0.50€ for every extra deposits.

Withdrawals will always be free!

Talk to one of our experts without obligation

Do you have any questions about your taxes and would you like to know if can help you? One of our experts is at your disposal.


All your data is rigorously protected with a 256-bit encryption and never stored on your phone, tablet or computer. Furthermore, no data concerning Home Banking is saved on our systems.

Where is your money deposited?

All funds are automatically deposited in dedicated e-wallets in 'Ring Fenced' accounts, ie a current account that no one has access to other than the depositor. All funds are held with one of Europe's largest banks: Crédit Mutuel Arkéa. We use their 'MangoPay' e-wallet service.

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